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New York burger restaurant Shake shack opens in Shanghai, China


In January 24th, Shake Shack, the net red Burger Shop from New York, opened its first store in the core area of Shanghai Xintiandi. This is something that shack shack has been brewing for a long time, and the efforts of international Netcom are worth thinking.

New York burger restaurant Shake shack opens in Shanghai, China

"We wanted to enter China many years ago. It's a big market." Jacqueline Gonzales, marketing director from shake shack's headquarters, said in an interview, "but for an international brand like ours, it took a long time to find a partner until we found Maxim group. We think this is the right time for us to enter China. "

In this cooperation, shake shack provides guidance on brand and personnel training, which is locally registered, invested and operated by Maxim group.

"Meixin is responsible for the specific design and financial part, but shake shack provides a lot of brand resources and various guidelines." Chris Zhang, senior marketing manager of shake shack China from maxim, told 21st century economic news, "shake shack is a passionate and dynamic brand, and the brand support they provide may be the most popular brand of Maxim's agent."


Since 2004, shake shack has opened his first store in Madison Square Park, New York, and now has more than 200 stores in 26 states and the District of Columbia, including more than 70 overseas stores in London, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Dubai, Tokyo, Moscow, Seoul and other regions.

Shake shack is the online Red burger on the social network. Shake shack has hundreds of thousands of fans on instagram and Facebook. When entering the Chinese market, the global online red brand also chose a more grounded marketing method, explained Jacqueline Gonzales, who opened accounts on social networks such as wechat.

"For shake shack, the opening of this store is the beginning of a new chapter," China Chapter. " Jacqueline Gonzales said that social network marketing is very important. "In addition to adopting traditional methods, such as making different menus, we pay more attention to brand building, such as finding local artists, liking baking KOL, and organizing various running clubs. In addition, it's marketing in digital channels, so we need local partners. "

Shake Shack the first store in Shanghai has a classic menu and caters to local tastes. A series of dishes are introduced. Shanghai has a milkshake flavored "powder wiping Yu Garden", "Bei Li cheese on the side" and "encountering the Bund night". In addition, Jacqueline said the price of Shanghai stores was slightly higher than that of New York.

Shanghai has always been the first choice for international "netred" to enter China. In addition to the relatively concentrated group with high consumption power and the blending atmosphere of eastern and Western cultures, it is also the brand's favorite factor.

"Shanghai is very similar to New York. People like good food, high-quality brands and are interested in experiencing them." Jacqueline said that in addition to the location advantage of Xintiandi, "there are traditional Shikumen and international brands, which is very helpful for Shake Shack to open its first store."

In fact, in the Shikumen, which is almost adjacent to the shake shack, there is another online red cake shop, lady m, from New York. When the first shop opened in Lujiazui Guojin center, because of the large number of people queuing in the public space, she was ordered by the security to stop for several hours.

When coffee online stores enter China, they can also set off a wave of queuing upsurge, such as% Arabica, doutor, line friends. When Starbucks Zhenxuan store was just opened in Nanjing West Road, it also once stood in line for two hours before entering the store.

In addition, the competition of international netred in China also includes local netred, such as Xi Cha, Bao Shifu, xinghualou qingtuan, Taoyuan family village, a scallion oil cake, elder brother and so on. Never underestimate the enthusiasm and endurance of Shanghai People's queuing.

However, the challenge of online Red restaurants lies in the follow-up operation. No matter at home or abroad, after all, online Red restaurants are in line with people who are always chasing new experiences and brands. How to retain existing fans, develop incremental space, and ensure food quality and safety requires careful consideration of brand owners. After all, online Red bakery farine is closed due to the use of expired flour Things have been learned from the past; there are many online Red shops that used to be very popular now.

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