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Increase the rate of restaurant entry by 10 times. All the methods you need are here


Why is your restaurant occupancy rate so low? Why do customers pass by your door and leave? Do you really use the restaurant itself to attract customers? Read this article to master the tricks of drainage in 12 stores. Learn the tricks of draining 12 stores in this article. As long as you follow the instructions, the restaurant entry rate will increase significantly.

Increase the rate of restaurant entry by 10 times. All the methods you need are here

1 How to increase the rate of customer visits and conversions?

The first drainage trick: the door face signboard

The door face sign is the most prominent place to put the most important information. How is the signboard displayed? How is it presented? This is an offline store. How to display and present its most important information: Think about it. In fact, it is the same online. Likes, public numbers, and small programs, the difference is that the platform is online, and the information carrier is not a physical billboard and paper materials, but a web page.The same is how you should consider how to place and present the most important information, and the most important information. The important information is also: logo, name, price list, explosion models, new products, discounts, commercials, celebrity endorsements, payment entry, etc.

Catering door signs should follow: the logo and name must be large enough, the signboards must have sales categories, the signboards are best to use intrusive colors (such as yellow, green, white, etc.), if the signboard is large enough, you can also put advertising slogans.

The second trick of drainage: door window

The shop window, which is located below the signboard, is the larger display area of the store, exposing as much information as possible to attract users. Can put the following:

(1) Poster photos of signature dishes, such as photos of Ba Nu's belly, chef Fei's fried peppers, etc.

(2) Display of trust endorsements in the store, such as cctv recommendations, public reviews of five-star merchants, etc.

(3) The latest discount information of the store (4) If conditions permit, you can display it at the door

The third drainage trick: use the clerk's clothing to catch the eye

Many restaurants do not pay attention to the clerk's clothing. The waiters are very casual. Besides the words of the waiter, "Welcome to visit, our family has xxx", they will not say anything else, you think, it is so ordinary without differentiation How to attract customers?

First of all, the waiter's clothing must have invasive colors, such as the white clothing of Xibei Noodle Village, so that customers feel clean and assured, and Baru is yellow clothing, which attracts customers all the way.

The 4th drainage trick: change the title of waiter

In the eyes of most people, the status of waiters is very low, but in fact, customers come to the restaurant to eat, we have to provide high-quality dishes, but also make customers feel worthwhile, then change the waiter name, you can increase customer trust. For example, Xibei's waiter is called "Mao Xiaomei", Baru's waiter is called "Maodu Hotpot Expert", Xiaolongkan hotpot is called "Longmeier", which looks kind and has a high sense of quality.

5th drainage trick: use posters, cultural walls, hanging flags to drain

After the customer enters the store, the customer should be able to feel the spread of the restaurant as much as possible. The store's signature dishes, main specialty products and commitments need to be made into materials for display in the store. Such as the ground materials, the main image screen on the wall, posters, hanging flags on the ceiling, vertical advertising on the bar, etc.

The 6th trick of drainage: Use the open file for drainage

Ming file is the best visual and sensory experience area. When customers see Ming file, they can simultaneously mobilize the "visual, olfactory and tactile sensations", etc., and they can feel the restaurant's characteristic culture in many aspects. At present, there are two kinds of arrangements for Ming files. One is directly at the door, which is more suitable for shopping malls. The second is indoors. Both shopping malls and street stores can be used. Chef Fei's chili fried meat is placed at the door, so that customers can stand there. Besides, Chef Fei is not just Ming Dang, but also displays a lot of fresh ingredients in the Ming Dang area.

7th Drainage Coup: Use the in-store music and taste to drain

Store music, many restaurants will play, but many restaurants are scattered, there is no systematic specification, in fact, the store music from early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening can choose different music according to the brand tone. Good music can make customers happy physically and mentally. Secondly, the taste of the restaurant is also a fatal temptation to attract customers, such as KFC's fried chicken flavor and Starbucks coffee aroma. It is said that in order for Starbucks to allow you to smell the aroma of coffee from 10 meters away, Starbucks never blocks the taste of coffee, just to ensure the mellow aroma of coffee.

8th drainage trick: drainage that “creates an unexpected experience”

What is an unexpected experience? For example, many restaurants do not have toilets, but McDonald's and KFC basically have them. For example, Laoxiang chicken is used for fast food, but in the latest version of Laoxiang chicken store, there are professional makeup mirrors for women. Greatly increase brand reputation and customer stickiness.

The 9th drainage trick: "Create a super menu" drainage

How important the menu is, this goes without saying. So what is a super menu? The premise of the super menu is: strong guidance, strong display, and strong persuasion. We often go shopping in shopping malls and always receive menus from many restaurants, so how do your menus stand out from the many menus?

The menu must be featured with recommended dishes, endorsement of trust, copywriting, must-order dishes, etc. For example, Chef Fei's menu of chili fried meat uses more than half a page to introduce signature dishes and trust endorsement copywriting.

The tenth trick of drainage: "Store Personal Number" drainage and fans

Xibei Noodle Village used the store's personal account to add 5 million customers to the manager's WeChat. By doing this, you can reach users directly, and you can also build a community where customers can participate in special promotions and interact with customers in depth. How to design the store number plus powder bait?

Can be used: (1) gift dishes (2) discounts (3) à la carte food delivery 04, customized gifts (5) lucky draw king meal. Before drainage, be sure to design a drainage poster. The poster details the privileges you can enjoy after adding friends.

The second is the setting of words, such as: "Hello, our store founders value our service and product quality, so we will put our boss's personal WeChat on every table, and add our founder WeChat to get it right away. xxx discount. He will invite you to join our store crowd, and there will be discounts for your future meal orders.

If you recommend us to the circle of friends, you can get a 40% discount, that is, you can save about 100 yuan, which is very cost-effective. If you are recommended by someone who travels with you, each of you can limit one 40% discount voucher, you can use it next time you eat. This promotion is only for one month, and it is still very valuable. There is no such event after one month Already.

Let customers add you willingly, and refer you for you willingly.

Eleventh drainage trick: Drain with "Introduction to Dishes"

While customers are dining, while enjoying the delicious food, they are still enjoying the in-store services. It is necessary to consider what problems new users will encounter, what services old customers want more, and improve the service during meals.

For example, customize exclusive speech for signature dishes and must-order dishes, and introduce eating methods. For example, Wangshun Court's fish head bubble cakes clearly introduced the six steps of eating fish on the menu and desktop stand. However, when the waiter puts on the signature fish head, he will still emphasize it and make customers feel that the service is value Over time, it has formed a reputation.

If you are making hot pot, you can also actively help customers to order dishes. The user is not allowed to walk around when the user is dining. The staff should observe the needs of the users in the store in time, such as adding water to the water, and doing a good job of receiving services in the store.

Twelfth drainage trick: drainage with "member recharge bait"

Set up a membership bait for drainage. For example, if the bait contains more than 200% of the meal amount, you can enjoy the in-store consumption exemption, and the amount can be used normally; you can enjoy lower discounts when you recharge; you can get rewards when you recharge; Activities; members can enjoy the ultra-low-price experience of a certain product, such as the original price of 59 dishes, only 9.9 yuan each time after becoming a member.

It is recommended that member benefits, such as: need to recharge 299 to become a lifelong member in the store, can enjoy steaks worth 59 once a month, can be directly picked up in the store, once a month can not be accumulated. Enjoy in-store product member discount prices, new product priority experience prices, exclusive VIP member services, and promote a VIP can also get 50% rebate. The transformation from ordinary stores to membership-based e-commerce stores will focus more on serving paying members.

Before starting membership recharge, first develop a membership manual and member service introduction, so that users can stimulate conversion when they see the member service introduction even if the membership conversion cannot be promoted in the store; formulate the store member introduction speech, the store staff can be more natural Promote top-up membership services to users. For example, when Xibei Noodle Village promotes members, it has special words.

The above are the 12 tricks of operation and drainage of 12 stores, each of which is in place, and the customer entry rate will be greatly improved. Many times diners complain that customers do not enter the store for consumption, in fact, you have not done a good job of preparing for drainage.

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