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Restaurant decoration style and skills


What are the restaurant decoration styles?

1. The minimalist style of Hong Kong-style restaurant decoration is suitable for young people, especially for working families. It is usually suitable for small-sized two-bedroom homes. This style looks brighter, cleaner and simpler, and does not waste space, overall style. It will look very simple and tidy.

2, the pastoral style is originally with the romanticism of France, suitable for female friends to use, of course, if the family likes this style, it can also be used, this style does not have any requirements for the size of the room, you can If you live alone or in a family of three bedrooms, you can choose materials and colors according to the size of the family space and the overall decoration style.

3. The decoration of the new Chinese style blends the traditional Chinese concept. It integrates the habits and modern elements of modern people on the original classical style. It not only reflects the traditional Chinese concept, but also makes the whole decoration style more elegant and classical. A common style pursued by successful people, suitable for three-bedroom and four-bedroom units.

What is the restaurant decoration technique?

1, the color matching of the restaurant is usually followed by the living room, which is mainly considered from the perspective of space, because most of the housing design, the restaurant and the living room are connected. For the structure of the restaurant, the use of color is suitable for warm colors, because from the color psychology, warm colors are conducive to appetite, which is why many restaurants use the yellow and red series in the restaurant.

2, the choice of the table needs to pay attention to the size of the space, small space with a large dining table or large space with a small dining table are not good-looking. Due to the actual problem of purchase, it is difficult for consumers to get things to the scene for comparison. Therefore, after we have measured the size of the table we like, we will get a full-scale comparison on the spot. This will be more appropriate and can be avoided. Too small things happen.

3, dining table and dining chair are usually matched, can also be purchased separately, but need to pay attention to ergonomic problems, if the height difference between the chair and the tabletop is about 30cm is the most appropriate, too high or too low Affect normal posture; the backrest of the chair should feel comfortable and so on.

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