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Australian kindergarten cafeteria dining table and chairs


Kindergarten canteens, schools, units, factories, etc. have canteens, the number of canteens is very large, must provide comfortable dining tables and chairs for people who eat, will worry about size when buying, canteen dining table and chairs What is the size? The dining tables and chairs that we are familiar with are all plastic. In fact, it is divided into a variety of categories. What are the types of dining tables and chairs?

Kindergarten canteen dining table and chairs - dining room dining chair size is generally how much

1, square table dining chairs are more common, this square dining hall dining chair size is: two seats: 700 × 850mm, four people 1350 × 850mm, eight people 2250 × 850mm; there is a diameter of the table turntable, its diameter For: 600-800mm, the distance between the tables: (where the seat is 500mm) should be greater than 500mm.

2, the size of the dining table and chair is to be designed according to its shape, in fact, in life, the table and chair shape we see is quite rich, including round, four, two, six People and so on. Generally speaking, the table height of the dining table and chair is: 750-790mm; the height of the dining chair is: 450-500mm.

3. If it is a round circular dinette, it is rare but it also appears. The size of the round dining hall dining table is: 500mm for two seats, 800mm for four seats, 1100mm for five seats, 1100-1250mm for six seats, and 1800mm for eight seats.

Kindergarten canteen dining table and chairs - canteen dining table and chair types

Conjoined dining hall dining table and chairs

There are many styles and types of dining chairs, like some dinettes used in schools. Their types will be one-piece. The one-piece dinette is usually four seats, and a rectangular table in the middle. It is simple in shape, and it is especially practical. It is also very convenient to move. It is also very easy to clean. So in some public places, we can see this kind of dinette dinette everywhere. It has many materials and large Most are made of steel, durable and not easily destroyed.

Simple dining hall dining table and chairs

The dinette used in the dining room is simple, with a rectangular table, four movable chairs, a square table and two movable chairs. The simple style of dining table and chair is also very special. Their materials are usually made of wood and aluminum. The top is made of wood and the bottom is aluminum. The wooden table top makes us more comfortable to touch, and aluminum is used as table legs and chairs. The feet are also very reasonable, because the floor of the canteen is easily accessible to the water, so the design is also to better protect the table and chairs from being corroded or soaked in water.

Bar table cafeteria dining table chair

This style of dining table and chair is generally more fashionable, and more people flow more places, mostly for some young people, because the height of this dining table and chair is relatively high compared to ordinary tables and chairs, like some bar cafes There are such a table dinette, the height of the table is generally in the chest position of the person, the chair is also the kind that can be rotated and can be raised and lowered, the user can adjust according to his height.

What is the size of the dining room dining chair and chair? According to the material, design and so on of the dining room dining chair, its size will be different. What are the types of dining tables and chairs in the cafeteria? After the introduction of the article, we also know that there are several types of dining tables and chairs in the cafeteria. When you buy a dining room dining chair, you can see which type of dining table and chair is more suitable.

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