How can a parent-child restaurant open to make money?

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Children's money is best earned, but in the past two years, there have been parent-child restaurants everywhere, the decoration is fresh and lovely, and the variety of Kawaii is eaten, which is very popular among children. However, did they make money?

For many young parents, this kind of situation is not uncommon - to happily take the children out to play, but when they eat, they make a mistake, the children are very active, it is difficult to sit down and eat. What's more, there are many children who picky eaters and find a place suitable for children and adults to eat together. It has become a headache for many parents.


In recent years, the emergence of some parent-child restaurants has solved the problem of children who don’t cooperate with eating out. It is true that children are happy, adults are relieved, and parents can spend a good time with their children. Recently, the reporter visited some parent-child restaurants and found that some parent-child restaurants are more popular, and some parent-child restaurants have yet to be perfected. Relevant experts pointed out that some parent-child restaurants pursue "both want and need", and the results are not good at all.

How should the parent-child restaurant open?

Parent-child restaurant is very childish

Recently, a family restaurant called Molly Wow was opened at Xihongmen Huiju Shopping Center, which is based on the theme of the circus. On the day of the reporter's visit, the bubble machine at the door also blew a bubble, attracting many children to go. The overall color of the restaurant is bright, the check-in desk of the caravan, the glittering lanterns and the embarrassing animal dolls are very eye-catching. The circus elements that can be seen everywhere in the restaurant - the tent-shaped lampshade, the seat of the plum and rabbit ears, and the rounded oil drum stool create a festive atmosphere. The most eye-catching is the tent box in the middle of the restaurant, the top of the tent that can be rotated, and the open plum-shaped window, which is dizzying. The restaurant staff told reporters that the reason why the name of the restaurant is "wow" is because it is catchy, making it easy for children to remember, showing a lively and playful atmosphere, or the magical language of the circus.

Some young parents who came to eat told reporters that what surprised them was that during the meal, there would be a “special waiter” accidentally – a toy koala crawled slowly along the track on the ceiling and descended when it reached the top of the table. There is a basket of dishes. "At that time, my niece was very happy, and I had a few more meals." In addition, the reporter saw that there are special children's play areas in the store, climbing, slides, ball pools, trampolines, and large Blocks and interactive projections are all available for your child's favorite projects. The day of the reporter's visit is a working day. At lunchtime, other restaurants have to rely on loud noises to attract customers. The attendance rate of this parent-child restaurant is not low.

The reporter also visited a parent-child restaurant called a goat box near the Beijing Zoo. Far from the restaurant, you can see the goat-shaped door in front of you, and a young sheep, Sean, greets the children in a handsome position. The restaurant on the second floor is not large in size, but it can feel full of heart and love. A touch of blue and pink, with balloons, green plants and dolls, the whole space is filled with a fresh and bright atmosphere. There is a children's activity area covered with soft materials. There are small houses, small slides, mini kitchens, wooden horses and various tabletop toys for the baby to play. At the same time, the TV screen plays cartoons and creates a small baby. amusement park.

In the goat box restaurant, the reporter met the grandmother who brought the baby to dinner. Ms. Sun told reporters that the parent-child restaurant is the best choice to go out with a baby. Not only is it a nutritious meal suitable for children's diet, but after the child finishes eating, he can play with other children in the entertainment area. The baby is happy and the mother is relieved. “The so-called eating and taking the baby is correct, the child can play by themselves, our parents I can finally have a good meal."

What kind of meal is there in the parent-child restaurant?

Du Xuesong, director of the new business department of AEON Fantasy (China) Children's Amusement Co., Ltd., one of the responsible persons of Molly Wow's restaurant, said that in order to be a parent-child restaurant, they also looked for some families with different income levels. Investigate, everyone's expectations for the parent-child restaurant are basically the same - safe, healthy and secure. Most families hope that everyone in the parent-child restaurant can have a good meal and have the food that Dad likes to eat. For this reason, their parent-child restaurant mainly serves Chinese food - spicy chicken, sour soup, steamed squid and other Chinese food. Popular dishes can be found in the restaurant. In addition, the children's menus in the restaurant are also Chinese. "It's both delicious and good-looking. Our tableware is also specially tailored."

Du Xuesong also did some market research, and ran some parent-child restaurants to understand the customer's thoughts. "Some customers said that the fun area of the parent-child restaurant is relatively large, and the children will know that they are playing, and some I hurried to eat a few mouthfuls and went to play." To this end, Du Xuesong said that the subject of the parent-child restaurant should also be the restaurant. "Our play area is not big. We encourage children to eat and then go to play. Here we added a clown show and a toy koala to give the child an interest in food."

The owner of the goat box told the reporter that the restaurant is mainly Western-style fast food. The ingredients are selected from the safe and secure big brands. Different from other parent-child restaurants, the food shape is beautiful and lovely. Here, the food is more practical and insists on returning to the freshness and health of the ingredients. The children's set menu is balanced with vegetables, eggs and fruits. The colorful colors and sweet and sour taste can capture the baby's stomach in minutes. At the same time, according to different age groups, it is divided into low-salt and no-salt, and advocates a healthy diet with low salt and less oil.

How should the parent-child restaurant open?

Is the child's money best earned?

Nowadays, there are many parent-child restaurants on the market, and some of them have some problems. Therefore, the saying that “children’s money is the best to earn” has brought people a less experienced experience.


Wang Ayi, who often takes his children to the parent-child restaurant, has a deep understanding: “The toys in the restaurant are messy, mostly old, and I don’t know if they have been cleaned. The children with poor resistance may be infected with bacteria, even I am sick. However, some restaurants do a good job in this area. Before entering the door, all children are tested for body temperature to prevent people from carrying germs to them. The second is cost-effective. Some resorts in the restaurant will receive tickets when they enter the door. One hundred and one small one hundred, we can choose to go to the children's amusement park for this money. The facilities are more safe than here. Why do you want to come to the parent-child restaurant? Third, as a restaurant, the dishes should be the most important. But the taste is not as good as the average restaurant. The children's meal is a mixture of vegetables and rice, and then put a shape to get a nice name, it will be nearly one hundred, it is perfunctory."

"There is no coffee shop in the water, no restaurant is delicious, and there is no place for special entertainment. Who is willing to spend so much money in such a parent-child restaurant?" Some parents said that the price should meet the service quality. Parents spend a lot of money to buy a comfortable, children play here without worry, adults are willing to bring children back, not a one-time consumption.

"As a parent-child restaurant, we should first ensure the safety and hygiene of our children, and adults can rest assured." Aunt Wang mentioned the expectations of the parent-child restaurant. "I think that whether it is dining or play, every parent-child restaurant must have its own characteristics. For example, add some cartoon dolls, arrange a few performances, organize children to play games, parents and children DIY, etc., consider children of every age, and arrange special personnel to ensure the safety of children. Or you can do a task to make a discount. Coupons and promotions will also attract more people. Parent-child restaurants are open for children. To win the audience's love, you must use your heart to change your heart and let the adults and children happy, otherwise you will lose the meaning of 'parents'. ."

Where is the future of the parent-child restaurant?

Tian Guangli, founder of Longce Catering Think Tank, said that people are willing to spend money on children because of the prevalence of the concept of “poor and poor children”. As a result, the "food and parent-child concept" industry became a fire, and a variety of "parent-child restaurants" were born, which became a hot spot for the market. However, he observed that parent-child catering is hot, but there are no particularly influential brands on the market, and he hopes that brands will be able to rush out in the future.

Tian Guangli pointed out that the life cycle of the parent-child restaurant is too short, which makes the parent-child restaurant tree brand more difficult. "It is difficult to attract new customers and want to cultivate them into loyal customers who consume frequently, but the children will grow up soon. And each age group has different preferences, maybe not waiting for the restaurant to recoup the investment, the children and parents no longer like it, no longer patronize, this should be vigilant for those who do the parent-child restaurant." In addition, the parent-child restaurant The operation is too complicated. "No matter what business, the simpler it is, the easier it is to control and operate. The easier it is to make money, the parent-child restaurant adds too much entertainment, education, culture and so on in a small space. The restaurant waiter has to be a child. Teachers, casino administrators and other roles. This is complicated and complicated to do."

Then, how will the parent-child restaurant develop in the future? Du Xuesong, the head of the new business department of the new regulation business unit of AEON Fantasy (China) Children's Amusement Co., Ltd., said that many parent-child restaurants are still playing. The form of the field is not really a restaurant in the strict sense. In the future, everyone's demand for “restaurants” is growing. “Now the homogenization of parent-child restaurants is too serious, and the future will pursue differentiation. In addition, the parent-child restaurant pays attention to credibility and Word of mouth, the future will show the trend of scale and chain."

Ms. Zhao, the person in charge of the goat box, hopes to set up a parent-child salon in the future. The adults can discuss the child's training mode and exchange parenting experience. “Not only the parent-child restaurant, but all the children’s institutions should play a role in providing a shared space for adults and children to communicate with each other.”

Tian Guangli said that for the future development of the parent-child restaurant, it is necessary to let the children have fun, but also to let the adults eat and drink, this is the most ideal situation, "but this is very complicated to do, because it is more professionally suitable. Restaurants that are consumed by adults also have a place that is more suitable for children to play, and it is extremely difficult to take care of both."

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